Attention students: Please format your next set of 10 note cards since we will not be meeting today. When you come to class on Wednesday, please bring the following with you:
1. Working thesis statement
2. Source cards (10)
3. Note cards (20-30)*
4. All information (i.e. copies of articles from database, books, etc.)

*Please note the change in the number of note cards you will need to have by Wednesday. If you have any questions, email me at my school email address. I will check my email there several times today.

Enjoy the day off!

And the winner is......

external image SLA%20Winner%20Ribbon.jpg


Welcome Period G!

ver the next two weeks, you will be responsible for reading, Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a fable that criticizes the Soviet Union’s unfair treatment of its people. The novel was written in 1945 and is an allegory or parable that shows what happens when wicked leaders take advantage of people. Even though the Soviet Union has external image animal_farm.jpgcollapsed, the lessons of Animal Farm are still applicable today.