Russian Civil War:

Occured because many groups didnt like Lenin's Bolsheviks.
Groups consisted of monarchists, militariast, and foregin nations.
Groups were called the whites, Bolsheviks the reds.
Groups formed because of November 1917..Russia's first communist govenment.

The civil was was the Bolshevik's fight to stay in power and get rid of competors.
Fighting continued with the Battle of Pulkovo.
Ended November 11, 1920.
Whites lost on the Crimean Penninsula.
Reds were the Bolsheviks and the Whites were Anti-Bolsheviks.

Pictures of what happened during the War
Pictures of what happened during the War

Map of Russia during the War
Map of Russia during the War

Battle Of Cowshed:

"Four legs good, two legs bad!"

The Battle of Cowshed
The Battle of Cowshed

Why did it happen?
Humans heard Beats of England.
Happened on October twelfth.
Animals wanted the rebellion.

What happened?
Mr. Jones and his men etered Manor Farm with sticks ready to fight.
Animals won the fight.
No casulities for the humans, but a sheep died.

Animals own the Farm, now called Animal Farm.
Will be known as the anniversary of the Rebellion.

The story of Manor Farm was heard all over half the country.
Snowball lead the battle.
Animals were well prepared, they knew the humans would come soon to try to win back the farm.
Snowball and Naploen incite animals by calling humans tyrannous.
Jones and the humans who fought spread the rumors about the animals being cannibals, lawlessness, etc.

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