• Not VERY SMART , can only memorize four letters of the alphabet

    • The farms moast harworking, determined and loyal laborer

    • The biggest supporter of Napolean

    • Is constantly taking advantage of by the pigs

    • fought bravely in the "Battle of Cowshed" and the battle for the windmill

    • Betrayed and tricked by Napolean who sold him

    • The hard working class of communist supporters: Background

    • Believes in " Animal Farm"

Pictures of Working People in Russia, Russian steel workers Homestead Pa (Click to enlarge)
Pictures of Working People in Russia, Russian steel workers Homestead Pa (Click to enlarge)
Hard Working Class of Russia:

  • Worked hard for Joseph Stalin
  • Believed in Stailin because he was Communis
  • Many stayed loyal after it was obvious Stalin was a tyrant
  • Betrayed by Stalin who ignored and killed them

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Boxer as well as the hard-working class of Russia both worked hard for their beliefs. In Russia it wwas Communism and in Animal Farm Boxer believed in the farm itself. The parallel is drawn since the working class is thought of as lees intelligent and only used fo physical labor shown directly in Boxer.Both Boxer and the working class are ignorant to the fact that they are being taken advantage of. This mistakes proves fatal when they are betrayed by their leaders. Napolean after Boxer's strength proved to fail sold him and sent him to be killed. The hardworking class people were just killed at the hands of Stalin.

Important Quotes:
"Napoleon is always right." Chapter 5, pg. 48
"'I have no wish to take life, not even human life,' repeated Boxer, and his eyes were full of tears." Chapter 4, pg. 37
I will work harder!" Chapter 3, pg. 25

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