external image Nickolas2.jpgMr. Jones- Czar Nicholas II

Early Life
  •  Born May 6, 1868 in St. Petersburg
  • Part of the royal family
  • Growing up, he was not pleased with his appearances, and always felt that he had to prove himself
  • Very well educated
  • His parents began preparing him for the responsibilities of being a czar at a young age
  • This isolated Nicholas from the outside world, which altered his maturity level
  • Had a very sheltered life, his parents kept him from anyone who was not royalty

Leadership Position
  • His father died suddenly at the age of 47
  • Not expecting to take over so soon, Nicholas was unprepared to rule
  • After his coronation, he quickly learned to trust no one
  • Constantly misled by his relatives, and became isolated
  • He was a smart man, but often relied on others to make his decisions
  • Was seen as a weak leader

  • Began to feel the pressure of the responsibilities of leading Russia
  • Stressed from his family issues, and his health was beginning to suffer
  • Forced to step down by government leaders
  • Nicholas and his family were executed after his removal
  • Last monarch to rule Russia

ffdgffhgdfsfgdfgsfdgdhgfghfhgfghfgf Parallel : Mr. Jones vs. Czar Nicholas II

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Czar Nicholas II


  • Neglects the farm and animals
  • Neglects problems of the citizens of his nation


  • Cruel treatment of Animals ( shoots towards animals, over works them, starves them)
  • Sent his people into wars, which later were starving from lack of food

Reactions of People toward problems

  • Animals gather in the barn and have meetings about possible attempts of a rebellion against Jones.
  • Meetings and plans for a revolution ( thought they could run the nation without Nicholas).

Start of Rebellion

  • Animals get tired of being ignored and mistreated, so they take action by raiding the food storage. Jones reacts by attempting to force them back, but also struggled to regain power.
  • Protesters were held back momentarily, Nicholas attempted to regain power, but struggled to hold on.

End result of Rebellion

  • Jones gets forced off the farm by the animals, and Napolean eventually becomes the new leader.
  • Nicholas was forced to resign and turn his duties over to his brother, who also resigned. The government was later taken over by the Bolshevists, and Nicholas and his family were executed.

Video Parallels (The removal of Czar Nicholas II and the execution of his family)

Video clip from the movie Animal Farm : 19:20- 23:35 (The rebellion against Jones)

In Animal Farm, Mr. Jones struggles to maintain his farm, and begins to drink. Instead of feeding the animals, Mr. Jones and his farm hands go into Willingdon and drink. Upon returning to the farm, he goes straight into the house without even bothering to feed the animals. The animal's retaliate by helping themselves to the food bins. Mr. Jones and his farm hand awake angrily and proceed to the barn to punish the animals. This enrages the animals, and they begin kicking, butting, and trampling Mr. Jones until all of the humans are run off the farm, thus starting the rebellion.

The end of Czar Nicholas II

Nicholas became unpopular , both in government and his country. His soldiers and country were in turmoil, and they did not have enough food to last them for the winter. He neglected his government duties and was seen as incompetent. The rebellion against his rule started, and he was ousted by the government.

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