Napoleon's Timber Deal Historical Parallel
Stalin (left) and Ribbentrop (right) after signing the Non-Aggression Pact on August 13, 1939.

Similarities With Non Aggression Pact
Napoleon's Shady Timber Deal
  • Frederick and Napoleon don't get along.

  • Frederick makes an alliance with Napoleon siding against Mr. Pilkington.

  • Pinchfield Farm and Foxwood are both neighbors of Animal Farm
  • Made to prevent destruction of Windmill
  • Frederick was to gain timber from Germany

Hitler's Non-Aggression Pact
  • Stalin and Napoleon don't get along

  • Stalin makes an alliance with Hitler siding against Poland.

  • Rusia and Poland are both neighbors of Germany
  • Made to prevent the loss of another war (WWI)
  • Stalin was to gain land from Germany

What happened?
Adolf Hitler asked for Josef Stalin the Soviet leader's help. Soviet Russia' Foreign Minister Molotov and German Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop signed the Pact. The document stated that not only will Russia not attack Germany while it fights Poland but also that Russia will help Germany win through gifts of machinery, food, and raw materials. In Animal Farm Napoleon asks for Frederick's help. Squealer and Whymper arrange for a deal between the Pinchfield Farm and Animal Farm where Pinchfield wouldn't attack Animal Farm and they would send help if the animals needed it. In both cases the help was not received and the deals terminated.

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