Joe_Stalin.jpgJoseph Stalin



Rise To Power
  • Stalin comes to power in 1924 after the death of Vladimir Lenin
  • Napoleon came to power after he called his dogs to run snowball off the farm

During Reign Of Power
  • Stalin attacks kulaks for not producing enough food for industrial workers
  • Peasants were accused of putting their own welfare before the Soviet Union so some were deported
  • In 1925 Stalin arranged for Leon Trotsky to be removed from the government and deported to Alma Ata in Kazakhstan
  • Sergey Kirov was like a son and a protégé to Stalin
  • Napoleon did not change anything on the farm

Use Of Force
  • · Interrogated many party members for hours until they were disoriented and signed a confession stating that they attempted to overthrow the government.
  • · Put fear into anyone who opposed him
  • · Executed anyone who opposed Stalin
Napoleon’s Dogs
  • Gave Napoleon his power
  • Made sure no one spoke out against Napoleon
  • Killed anyone who so called committed a crime

Abuse Of Power

  • Stalin also charged 30,000 military men of conspiracy
  • During World War I Stalin executed two of his senior generals because they did not defend Moscow from being invaded
  • Broke the Commandments of the farm
  • Kept food for pigs
  • Gave pigs a education


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