• Old Major - Vladmir Lynch Lenin



Background Information

Old Major
Vladimir Lenin
  • Considered to be the father of "Animalism"
  • Born on April 22, 1870(1870-04-22)
  • Serves as the source of ideals that the animals uphold after the other pigs betrayal
  • Served in office from December 30, 1922 – January 21, 1924
  • Creates false brotherhood to gain support from other farm animals
  • Education was his primary goal as a young student
  • Wanted a fair and equal society for the Animal Farm
  • In 1919, Lenin's premier goal was to turn antisemitism into hate towards capitalists
  • Dies in his sleep three nights after giving his speech
  • Died on January 21, 1924

A Complete Biography of Vladimir Lenin- http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RUSlenin.htm

Direct Parallels

Old Major
Vladimir Lenin
  • Orwell expreeses through Old Major's speech that there is no way to escape the grasp of capatilism
  • Lenin's main platform was a non capatilistic soceity for Soviet Russia
  • Main leader of the Animal Farm Revolution
  • A Main leader of the Russian Revolution
  • During Old Major's speech in the barn, aswell as when they start singing "Beasts of England", Mr. Jones fires a shot into the barn.
  • This could possibly symbolize a failed assasination attempt on Lenin in 1918
  • Old Major's bone structure and the way his body was dispayed after he died. (Buried at the "Foot of the Orchard" with a full body display). They keep his head to pay homage to how the rebellion started.
  • A similar description of Lenin's remains that were displayed to the public. Lenins full body was shown with his head embalmed. (Images shown below).
Vladimir Lenin being buried in Moscow, Russia
The embalmed head of Vladimir Lenin
The embalmed head of Vladimir Lenin
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